Tour of the lake, 40 minutes - 40 lei

In about 40 minutes, you can enjoy the most spectacular scenery around the Red Lake. It's an easy trail for anyone, and the Photo Point marks the place where you can take the picture with most Likes on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the #BIKKLA hashtag.

Suhardul Mic trail, 1 hour - 55 lei

Suhardul Mic is the rock behind the lake. Within an hour you can reach the base of the cliff and you can return to the BIKKLA center. It’s a route for the brave ones, you will be amazed how the BIKKLA climbs, and at the downhill you can test your courage!

Combined tour, 1.5 hours - 75 lei

Would you give yourself more? We offer both tours for you! In an hour and a half you can surround the lake and climb to the foot of the Suhardul Mic rock. By choosing this option, you can see more, and test the maximum capacity of the BIKKLA fat electric bike. Adventure, fun and happiness are included in the package!

Guided tour - maximum 4.5 hours - 200 lei

Do you want to see places which others don’t? Book a guided tour with BIKKLA. In maximum 4.5 hours we will go through the most spectacular mountain bike route in the Hășmaș Mountains. Our guide knows the area, and his mission is to make you feel good! The mud, the tiredness and the happiness are on the house!

* Guided tour should be reserved at least 3 days before, for a minimum of 4 people. The maximum duration is 4.5 hours.





To book BIKKLA, please call us:


+40 743 422 716


We want you to ride safe with BIKKLA!

The helmet and reflective vest are required to be worn on BIKKLA.
BIKKLA Bikes are reviewed daily, repaired every time something goes wrong. And if they can not be repaired, they're out of the circuit.

Tracks are marked and avoid dangerous areas.

To rent a BIKKLA you will need to have an ID on you, and you will need to sign a statement on your own responsibility. Minors can only benefit from BIKKLA services with the consent of a parent.